Approaching Retirement

Replacing doubt with certainty and confidence

The Situation

Retirement is an unfamiliar position to find yourself in and can be a time of uncertainty. You may question if you have prepared yourself well enough financially for the days and years ahead without the salary you have been used to? Finding yourself in a new situation is often uncomfortable, and retirement is no different. You’ve saved hard, but the idea of living off your savings can lead to asking yourself whether you overlooked something or if it will be smooth sailing. You may ask yourself what could happen that might prevent you from living the life you have planned.

Areas to consider include:

Taking advantage of the knowledge and experience gained by professionals who have successfully helped others through the transition,

Reevaluating if your previously established goals are still relevant.

How We Help

By using our experience, understanding, and expertise, our goal is to help you avoid unnecessary risks and expensive errors that could disrupt your enjoyment of retirement. Our retirement planning process replaces uncertainty and doubts with certainty and confidence, safe in the knowledge that you can spend your retirement doing the things you enjoy most.

The Daltium process includes:

Setting the right investment balance of security, income, and growth,

Examining insurance cover to mitigate avoidable risk,

Liaising with your tax advisor to proactively minimize tax,

Identifying and assessing a realistic draw rate in case of unfavorable market conditions.