Changing Employment

Taking a new path to success

The Situation

A change of job, or career, even though it is now a more frequent event than previously, is still a time of uncertainty and mixed emotions.

At Daltium, we appreciate there will be challenges, you will need to become familiar with - a new work environment, co-workers, a new role to conquer, and a new way of being paid, among other things. The newness of the situation can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to neglect the opportunities that come with a change of this scale. These opportunities may only be available for a short time, and it is crucial that you take advantage of them as much as possible while still possible.

Areas to consider include:

Are you comfortable evaluating your severance pay or new benefits package?

Do you know how to evaluate your executive compensation plan choices?

Will a change in income levels affect your current financial plans or personal ambitions?

Does your new employer provide a deferred compensation plan, and if so, should you join?

Will changing to a new job impact existing stock options?

How We Help

While your life may be going through a dramatic upheaval, Daltium will be available to synchronize all the moving parts of your life change, allowing you to concentrate on the changes your new job brings.

The Daltium process includes:

Creating a tailored financial plan that integrates investment, tax, insurance, retirement, and estate planning advice,

Presenting ideas about how best to manage existing plans to optimize investment options and keep costs down,

Carefully evaluating and personalizing recommendations on severance and benefits packages, pensions, deferred compensation, stock options, RSU’s, and executive compensation plans,