Effective Estate Planning

Leaving a legacy to be remembered for

The Situation

Estate planning is an area that many people put off until something happens that forces them to act, such as a death in the family or a serious illness. It can be easy to decide to delay estate planning when there is no immediate reason to take action and put it off for one more day, week, or month. As we have seen many times at Daltium, leaving family or loved ones to settle an estate where the will is out of date or non-existent can be overwhelming and add further stress at what is already a difficult time for them. Also, without a plan in place that reflects your wishes for the distribution of your estate, your assets may not go to those that you want to benefit, or unnecessary taxes can massively reduce the amount your spouse or loved ones receive.

Areas to consider include:

Deciding who you want to benefit from your assets,

How an up-to-date will can reduce estate taxes,

How frequently you should update your will,

Considering if you want to leave any of your assets to charity.

How We Help

At Daltium, our first step will be to review any will and estate plan you already have in place and discuss which assets you would like to leave to which beneficiaries. We can then consider tax mitigation, possible transfer of assets to reduce the size of the estate, and other factors to ensure beneficiaries receive the maximum inheritance possible, quickly, and without the added expense of legal challenges that often occur without clear instructions in place.

The Daltium process includes:

Minimizing potential estate taxes or providing cover for anticipated liabilities,

Helping you save time, expense, and avoiding legal challenges seen in estates without an up-to-date will,

Ensuring your plan reflects your true wishes,

Efficiently transferring assets to your beneficiaries,

Ensuring your wishes are carried out,

Building a charitable legacy.