Executive Compensation

Uniquely personalized strategies

About You

Executives can sometimes participate in unique compensation packages that require a detailed evaluation. Many such packages offer several different options, and understanding which is the best fit for your whole financial plan can be a challenge. An awareness of the investment, financial planning, tax, and legal consequences of each of these types of packages is essential.

Each compensation package is assessed by Daltium professionals to understand its nuances, and a summary of what is available is prepared, and then, together with you, we decide, from a holistic financial planning point of view, which options to choose that will benefit you the most.

Areas to consider include:

Selecting which executive packages to be included in, and at what level,

Hedging against falling share prices while included in an executive plan,

Carefully calculating the timing of your package with your overall financial plan,

Considering a coordinated tax plan to dilute your company shareholdings.

Understanding the differences between Incentive Stock Options (“ISO”), Non-qualified Stock Options (“NQSO”), and Restricted Stock,

The Daltium Approach

Before putting forward any suggestions or proposals, at Daltium, we will review all assets and liabilities to see which options are best suited to your personal situation. Once we understand where you are financially, we will identify the best options and include them in your overall planning. You will gain a thorough understanding of how the choices we make help move you one step nearer to achieving your longer-term goals and are chosen to create a uniquely personalized strategy.

What We Do

Analyzing the different options available in executive compensation packages can be a significant challenge for most people, especially if the plans are unfamiliar or new. Knowing how to ascertain which options make the most sense and how they affect your overall financial plan is not easy to do. Daltium specialists, working together with your tax advisors, will simplify the options available and find the potential benefit of each one.

Once we decide on a way forward together, we review it as and when earnings, bonuses, or the plan choices are updated or altered, to guarantee that the options we select continue to serve your best overall interests.

How We Help

Incorporating blackout periods and 10b5-1 trading plans into the coordination of your executive package,

Assessing the risk and return of keeping or diluting a concentrated stock,

Advising when to exercise or sell stock options tax-efficiently,

Forward planning to reduce or defer tax burdens,

Managing your investment portfolio to limit concentrated stock risk while optimizing the benefits of the package.