Life After Divorce

Easing the burden of financial stress and uncertainty

The Situation

Divorce is clearly a difficult time for all concerned, which can take a toll on your focus and lead to unintentional sacrifices being made in other areas of your life. You rightly need to concentrate on the matters at hand, and uncertainty about your future can set in, and you may need to revisit and modify the goals and objectives you had set yourself and find new ways of achieving them.

Areas to consider include:

What effect has this life change had on your goals?

What are the most important factors now for you to move forward?

How will you re-focus and implement your new financial objectives?

Are you making allowing emotion to affect your decision-making process?

How We Help

Having a knowledgeable financial professional on hand to reassess where you stand after the divorce is a critical first step in moving on with your new life. We aim to lift the burden of financial stress and uncertainty that going through a divorce brings, enabling you to focus on the areas that now matter most. As with many significant life changes, a divorce will often present planning opportunities that need careful examination.

The Daltium process includes:

Reviewing the impact of financial decisions on your long-term future to reassure you that you are back on the right path,

Reassessing remaining assets post-divorce to seek out opportunities to minimize taxes,

Updating beneficiary designations, wills, and estate plans,

Examining insurance cover to mitigate avoidable risk.,