Disruptive Pandemics – A Distraction

Daltium Opinions

The events that came with January 2020 are a dreadful and unwelcome way to ignite a fresh start to begin a New Year. First were fears that a World War might [still] erupt somewhere in the Middle East - with the Trump administration having ordered the killing of a top Iranian general. Then we had Pompeo’s open threats to the leaders of China and Russia – which could have snowballed into economic warfare from trade embargoes to currency adjustments. Natural calamities also exacerbated the pessimism in the air – from bushfires in Australia to synchronized volcanic eruptions along the Pacific Rim. Add a potential pandemic capping January 2020 as the harbinger of bad news and a new strain of the SARS virus that is inflating fear all over the world – started in China.

A lot has already been written about this virus, which is a new strain of SARS – but not so many of us recognize the circumstances that surround its introduction. Are we talking about a link to what is happening in the world today and the overwhelming similarities of events in the past that were set as a perfect breeding ground for the introduction of an epidemic?

Let’s take SARS, for example. SARS struck after the 9/11 terror attacks – just as the Bush administration was orchestrating the invasion of Iraq, made on the false evidence of WMD. We are sure everyone clearly remembers that US narrative on “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” And those who were opposed to a US Invasion on Iraq – China.

You might well say - but ah, these are all just mere coincidences. But given Trump’s predicament in Washington – impeachment, Iran conflict, and China/Russia relations – Trump has a compelling motive to reroute attention to something bigger and deadlier – a zombie-like apocalyptic scenario of a future where everyone else is doomed. The Wuhan Virus then is a distraction.

To say that this coronavirus is a US genetically engineered bioweapon is something for the conspiracy theorists to argue. But if the end justifies the means, we know for a fact that news of this epidemic is beneficial to some group or some persons. We just have to analyze their motives. Cui Bono. Who benefits and profits? We can leave that discussion till another day, depending on how this all pans out.

Why China?

For obvious reasons, an epidemic in China will cripple some sectors of its economy. What we know for now is that travel is restricted from and to some areas of China, particularly Wuhan. The fact that an incorrigible disease is brought upon by the Chinese will have the whole world looking suspiciously with worry and motive. They have done this to the Arabs in general and Islamic dress in particular – where you see an Arab, and the first thing that comes to mind is a terrorist with bombs wrapped around them.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel for this? We don’t know. What we know is that there is at this moment no known vaccine for the coronavirus. Certain Aids preventive medicines are being tried. In 2003, an outbreak of a similar virus, SARS, infected more than 8,000 people in thirty-seven countries before it was brought under control – killing less than a thousand.

What we know is that, if and should this epidemic be man-made – it will be gone soon enough once it’s served its purpose and objective. Otherwise, we could be on the precipice of something akin to the Spanish flu that killed millions at the start of the previous century.