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Daltium’ central philosophy influences all that we do. Right from your first contact with us, you will start to understand why we use the academic, verifiable, and repeatable strategies that we do. What this means for our clients is that there is a higher probability of achieving financial goals.

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Would you drive a car while blindfolded?

This would be a challenging undertaking that would very probably end in a terrible crash. While driving, you are continuously coordinating your hands and feet, and taking in visual information to keep your vehicle on the road. Similarly, when considering your financial future, you must assess the way ahead while incorporating and taking into account all aspects of your financial well-being. Only then is it possible to design a holistic plan where each piece of your personal financial jigsaw puzzle is brought together to create a well-defined and unobstructed route forward.



Does frequent lane changing in heavy traffic quicken the journey?

By the time you move to a different lane, the lane you changed to slows down and the lane you were previously in speeds up. Likewise, with investing, not chasing returns is essential. Being patient and having a disciplined, ordered approach is a big part of having a successful long-term plan. Success over the long term requires an ordered and disciplined investment philosophy to secure solid market returns, a well-designed plan to articulate the approach, needs, and expectations, and a committed financial advocate to make sure that the intended goals are achieved.



If you plant a tree, you don't move it each year to make it grow faster.

Tree specialists have studied the correct methods of caring for trees over many years, and know that by repeating the right formula will result in healthy, growing trees.

If you were following the proper instructions and providing shade, water, and nutrients and the tree still did not grow as expected, it wouldn’t mean that you should stop providing it water and dig it up and move it to a new location. By persevering with the proper instructions, and given time, the tree will flourish. Academic papers have established which investment factors result in long-term success. If you rely on your own experience or make emotion-based decisions to carry out changes at the wrong time, you may be compromising your financial future. By drawing on the expertise and work of independent, peer-reviewed specialists, we make better-informed decisions with proven results.



Don’t walk forward while only looking behind.

While it is important to be mindful of past events and what is behind you, it is also essential to stay focused on what is happening ahead and in front of you. With investing, an understanding of historical performance and past events is definitely useful, but a clear sense of direction, and an appreciation of emerging trends and developing technology is also critical.

Much of what we know comes from historical data, but global markets rarely stand still, and over time, situations change. It is therefore essential to also account for factors that affect what we previously learned and modify our strategies to reduce risk or increase opportunities.


Have you ever had clothes altered without taking measurements or being fitted?

A suit or dress straight from the rails is unlikely to fit perfectly straight away, and a tailor will need to take accurate measurements to alter it. The same is true with creating investment strategies as each of us has different goals, needs, and requirements that must also be taken into account.

At Daltium, we build lasting relationships with each one of our clients, so we may indeed get to know you on an individual basis.



Have you ever had a close relationship with someone who is insincere?

Walls need to be taken down in order to develop genuine relationships, with both parties free to openly express themselves, as it is difficult to build a relationship with someone if they are not open and transparent. When working with a financial company such as Daltium, transparency is everything. Expectations must be set, and open lines of communication established to create trust in a relationship. By being open and transparent in all our actions, our clients are reassured that their investments are being correctly managed, leaving them free to focus on their own lives.