Reducing Risk

Managing risk to maximize rewards

The Situation

As we get older, the time available to recover mistakes decreases, making it even more important to seek a professional perspective and ensure you have a well-structured investment strategy and retirement plan in place.

Areas to consider include:

Are your savings keeping up with inflation?

Are you taking too little or too many risks?

How are you deciding which specific investments to buy?

Are you making the best of available tax breaks?

Does your financial plan take possible market downturns into account?

Are you invested in the asset classes that are most appropriate for you?

How We Help

Firstly, a conversation about your understanding of investments, what goals you have, and what plans you have made so far will provide the starting point for a review.

Once we know the road that you are on and where you want to go, we can then talk about restructuring your investments to increase the chances of you reaching your goals.

Working together, we explore the best way for you to proceed, taking into account changes in your life situation and taking advantage of new products, services, and technological advancements.

The Daltium process includes:

Keeping up-to-date with new investments and how they may integrate into your plans.

Implementing a rules-based, strategic approach to eliminate emotional investing,

Identifying the most suitable asset classes to increase return and reduce risk,

Assessing the impact of previous financial decisions on your long-term future to provide reassurance that you are making the most educated and well-informed decisions possible,

Considering diversification of oversized holdings to reduce risk,