Retirement Planning

Designing your future life

About You

Before we can understand where you are going, it is essential to know where you have been. Retirement planning with Daltium centers on having a clear understanding of what you have achieved until now and pinpointing where you hope to be, tomorrow, and long into the future.

At Daltium, we will discuss and explore your short and long-term goals, and after identifying them, will advise you on the best ways to proceed. Like life, goals tend to change over time, and we will be beside you to regularly revisit your plans and ensure that they continue to align with your aspirations, needs, and requirements.

Areas to consider include:

Potential medical and care expenses and how unforeseen circumstances impact planning,

Reviewing and restructuring existing accounts to generate better after-tax returns,

Utilizing tax efficiencies to save the most amount of money,

Identifying income needs in retirement,

Estate and legacy planning


The best way to transfer wealth and other assets to family, friends, or charities.

The Daltium Approach

Our approach to planning, whether we are discussing retirement or other financial matters, is always the same. We ask a lot of questions to discover the real you and find out what makes you tick. Through frank and open dialogue, your answers will help us to develop an understanding of where you are both financially and emotionally. We will cover areas such as insurance coverage, retirement plans, savings, investments, estate, and legacy planning as well as the less easily defined topics such as your relationship with money and acceptance, or not, of risk. Once we have the framework in place, we get to work preparing uniquely tailored recommendations explaining why we recommend what we do, how the plans will impact you, and demonstrating how they will lead to a more rewarding life for you and your loved ones long into the future.

What We Do

While we include many financial aspects in our planning, at the heart of it, what we do is straightforward. The feedback we receive from clients over and over again is that we provide them with reassurance, knowing they have a team of specialists with years of experience supporting them, their family and their future.

It’s more than evidence-based research, planning, and investment management. It’s knowing you have a committed team on a well-defined path, driving you forward towards financial success.

How We Help

We relieve you of financial worry, stress, and anxiety,

Find ways to minimize the amount of taxes you pay over your lifetime,

Propose new ideas and solutions you may not have thought of before,

Provide support and advice during life-changing times (retirement, divorce, bereavement, the birth of grandchildren)

Safeguard your assets in good times and bad.